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滿堂紅在香港是少數直接提供波爾多期酒售賣服務,即將推出的將會是2016年的波爾多期酒。如欲瞭解更多關於購買期酒的詳情,歡迎致電(852) 2430 2999或電郵至
What is En primeur?
En Primeur could be referred to “Wine Futures” in English, which means the process of buying wines from the wineries before the barrel aging, bottling and releasing into the market. Usually, it takes 2-3 years for complete wine making after purchase to be released and delivered to the customers.
Reason to buy En Primeur?
Usually, the release price of the en primeur is lower than that of the wines once they are released into the market. In addition, buying en primeur could ensure that those rare wines in very limited quantities (annual production lower than 500 cases) could be obtained.
What is the minimum order for En primeur?
All the en primeur is sold on 9 Liter original case basis (not accepting mixed case), it could be packed either into six bottles of magnum (1.5 Liter) or twelve bottles of standard 75cl bottles or 24 bottles of half bottled sized of 37.5cl. We accept the order even as small as one full case.
How to order?
Wine Explorer is one of the few importers in Hong Kong that directly sells en primeur to our clients. 2016 en primeur opening offer is coming very soon. Should you have further enquiries or detailed information on buying en primeur, please feel free to contact us on (852)2430 2999 or